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Too Kind

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They work so hard to get me bankable.

They’re sure, and I guess I respect myself.

I’ll be a lie, the most fuckable,

And nothing will be erased. No rewind.

Cause I’m a little bit too kind…



This world has no depth,

But he’s so much attractive.

They’ll judge me on my weight,

And I’ll be loved, that’s the deal…

I’ll never sing my own words.

It’s not part of my job…

They’ll say I’m awesome, a pearl, a doll…


For the cause,

My skirt will be violently shorter.

Like the size of my lyrics,

The level of my art.

As virgin as hot, I’ll make you believe

How much I pray God.

A good base for the kids.


The price’s not high,

And everything, here, blind so much.

Like I always dreamed it,

Now I can touch.

I’m so close to appear but I don’t even realize

That who I really am will never make you thrill.


by Saturne

It doesn’t take a long time,

Before I get ill-at-ease.

Something plays up, behind the brightening…

I feel too cramped,

And my heart’s so compressed,

Without knowing why, Like a weight in the chest.


I know how smart I’d be,

But I’d like they let me speak.

No use to scream loud, cause nobody’s listening.

I’d like to be the Artist

With some real things to tell.

Just a song in which I’d put something of myself.


Cause it’s finally boring,

To sing to say nothing.

And I’m just here to smile, in bruising my mouth.

An enterprise,

Always under-construction.

And nobody knows who I’ll become next season.

It had been a little bit too simple,

But it was so fucking attractive.

Now it rests only me

And my hate of being me.

But they made me queen.

It was the deal…

I can try to kill myself,

Decide to shave my head.

People just love to watch tarnish

What was glittering.


Just a lamb in the land of wolves.

Just a game for the fans of dolls.

It’s too late to regret my soul.

It stayed with my ego under the table…


I lied,

I won’t be forever fuckable

And nothing will erase.

No rewind.

Cause I’ve been a little bit too kind…

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