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On The Merry-go-round

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by Brice B² BEDOUET, Saturne et Ju

The things that you do,

Mean something just for you.

They push you forward.

Those things inside of you,

Release but imprison you.

And that makes bleed the heart.


All the suns, all the moons,

Made you feel more understood.

And it will never come back.

Your aches cry on my youth,

While you play,

Reborn and new, on your merry-go-round.


Cause you’re the one, who smiles,

Who says “everything’s fine”,

Swimming over the time.


I’d have put my silver armor on,

If only I had known the depth of your joy.

I felt how deep was your love,

But nothing of all that I gave you,

Will not have been some gold.


I’d have given more than all,

Just to learn how to save souls.

So that it calms down.

So that you calm down…

I squeezed you strongly like a doll,

But the rope

Has already made the job,

Silent, cold and wild…


Cause you’re the one, who flies,

Jumping from cloud to cloud,

Swimming over the time.


The time will come when your outlines,

Will stop dancing at night.

But you’re not ready for that.

I know that, that will arrive,

I will understand you’ve not just left the town.

But I’m not ready for that.



And you’re the one who shines,

But who’ll never come down

From her fucking merry-go-round.


But cry, sister.

I know your sorrow now.

As you felt at night less than a ghost,


By nightmares and fights.


And fall, sister.

The world is black and sour enough.

And he’ll never fill the black holes,

Into which you wake up

At every fall.


Make everything eternal!

Strew, with merry-go-rounds, the road!

It could be so beautiful!


I’d hear you scream “Just let me die”,

And I’d arrive just on time.

For once.

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